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Our Community Prayer List

St. Matthew's is a house of prayer. Join us as we pray for God's people every day.

The Community We Pray For

Daily we take time to ask our God above to bless people who are struggling with illnesses, personal demons, or life's everyday troubles. You can be a part of our team by raising up to God all of those below.

  • Bryan
  • Marian Ong - dealing with health issues
  • Evelyn
  • Robert
  • Helmut - recovering from broken leg
  • Jessica and Eddie - God's guidance through their pregnancy
  • Robert
  • Lorraine
  • Joan
  • Jody
  • William - after a short stay at Valley Hospital
  • Nora - in hospice care at Sunrise of Woodcliff Lake

For those battling the coronavirus

  • Ruth
  • Danielle (wife of NJ District Pastor Peter Wee)

For New Jersey District Pastor's Wives who are health care workers

  • Christina Serina
  • Margi Sparling
  • Kori Fjordbotten

For our friends and neighbors dealing with various health or personal issues

  • Pat - recovering from a broken hip
  • Antonio - in hospice care at Calvary Hospital in the Bronx
  • Caitlin, as she recovers from a broken bone in her ankle
  • Delores, as she recovers from a broken toe
  • Randi‚Äôs family as they mourn her death
  • Edward Eng - recovering from several falls
  • Pat - battling ovarian cancer
  • Steve - having some personal issues
  • Barbara - battling cancer, in need of God's strength and hope
  • Thomas - battling cancer
  • Margaret, battling stage 4 lung cancer
  • The family and friends of Skip who are mourning his death
  • Louise, recovering from a fall off of a horse
  • Steve - recovering from complications to surgery
  • Joe - recovering from a motorcycle accident
  • Ryan
  • Robert - mourning the loss of his partner
  • Morgan - fighting thyroid cancer
  • Tom R. - recovering from neck surgery
  • Isabel - fighting cancer
  • Steve
  • Pat
  • Lois - battling cancer
  • Shelly - battling lymphoma
  • Audre - battling cancer
  • Geza - battling cancer
  • Angelo - for the Holy Spirit to guide Him on the path of peace
  • John
  • Howard
  • Robert
  • Darlene
  • Tom
  • Michael
  • Florence - fighting breast cancer
  • Ken
  • Cristin - for God's guidance and strength
  • Rush - battling cancer

Others We Are Praying For

  • Our first responders, police officers, and medical first responders who are dealing with his pandemic with courage and strength.

  • All those who have been infected with this virus, that our Lord would provide for comfort and healing, remembering Jerry this day

  • For all families dealing with loved ones who are battling this virus, that they be spiritually strengthened.

  • For all doctors, nurses, and health care givers, that they be protected from infection while they provide their best care for the sick.

  • For all scientists and researchers, that they work prudently to find a vaccine and treatments.

  • For all of our government, including our President, Donald Trump; our Governor, Phil Murphy; our County Executive, James Tedesco; for all our local officials in New Milford (Mayor Michael Petrino) and Garfield (Mayor Richard Rigoglioso).

  • For ourselves, that we be given patience and hope during this time.

  • For those facing difficult times as they lose jobs, losing businesses, and losing hope, that we, as a people, come together to help those negatively impacted by the ravages of the virus.

  • Rev. Matthew Harrison, President, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
  • Rev. Dr. Anthony Steinbronn, President, New Jersey District of the LC-MS
  • Rev. Robert Holsten, Circuit Visitor, Circuit 1, New Jersey District
  • Rev. Deric Taylor, Regional Vice-President, New Jersey District
  • Rev. Waldemar Vinovskis, President, SELC District of the LC-MS
  • Rev. James Douthwaite, Circuit Visitor, SELC District of the LC-MS

  • Steve Setteduccati, CEO of New Concepts for Living
  • Jim Killoran, Executive Director of The Fuller Center for Housing of Greater New York
  • Kate Duggan, Executive Director of Family Promise of Bergen County

  • Hon. Michael Petrino, Mayor, Borough of New Milford
  • Hon. Randi Duffi, Council President, Borough of New Milford
  • Hon. Hedy Grant, Council Member, Borough of New Milford
  • Hon. Ira Grotsky, Council Member, Borough of New Milford
  • Hon. Thea Sirocchi-Hurley, Council Member, Borough of New Milford
  • Hon. Lisa Sandhusen, Council Member, Borough of New Milford
  • Hon. Matthew Seymour, Council Member, Borough of New Milford
  • Chief William Mury, New Milford Fire Department
  • Chief Brian T. Clancy, New Milford Police Department