At Home Today: "Blood of Christ"

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A Reading from Holy Scripture

Ephesians 2:13

"But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ."

A Thought on Ephesians 2:13

One of the worst parts of our current situation for many of us Christians is the inability to receive the Lord's Supper. With our churches closed by Governor Phil Murphy's "stay at home" order, none of us can go to church and receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

It is not that we haven't tried to figure out a "work around" to the home lockdown we're under so members of our churches can receive the Sacrament. "Hey, what about setting it up in a parking lot and people can have a kind of drive thru communion?" Or "Can't we get those individualized communion kits with the pre-sealed mini cup and wafer?"

No. Especially those individual cup-wafer sets that you can pick up from Amazon that do not contain wine, but grape juice. We just have to wait until we get back into church and distribute the Sacrament correctly.

The Lord's Supper is important to the life of a Christian, or in our case for Lutherans. In the Sacrament we receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ, our Lord, for the forgiveness of our sins. It is the broken body of Jesus and His spilled blood. For many Christians, this is important for the building up of faith, a great reminder of what our Lord did for us as He suffered to pay our debt of sin.

In this sacrament, we are brought near to God.

All of us want to receive the Sacrament, but right now, we have to take a step back and wait. God isn't going to be angry that we haven't received the Lord's Supper for a number of weeks. I think He understands.

Today's Prayers

As we are challenged to spend time at home, away from our jobs, our friends, our family members, we are called to bring our challenges to our Father who is in heaven.

Also, take time to pray for:

  • All those who have been infected with this virus, that our Lord would provide for comfort and healing, remembering Jerry this day

  • For all families dealing with loved ones who are battling this virus, that they be spiritually strengthened.

  • For all doctors, nurses, and health care givers, that they be protected from infection while they provide their best care for the sick.

  • For all scientists and researchers, that they work prudently to find a vaccine and treatments.

  • For all of our government, including our President, Donald Trump; our Governor, Phil Murphy; our County Executive, James Tedesco; for all our local officials in New Milford (Mayor Michael Petrino) and Garfield (Mayor Richard Rigoglioso).

  • For ourselves, that we be given patience and hope during this time.

  • For those facing difficult times as they lose jobs, lose businesses, and lose hope, that we, as a people, come together to help those negatively impacted by the ravages of the virus.

Pray daily for those on our church's prayer list.

Music for Today

Matt Redman - "We Praise You"

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