In Church Announcements for March 14 & 15

This Weekend's Parish Notes

Church Mailing Address Change

Since we are finalizing the details on the sale of our church property, we will be changing our mail address. Please send all mail to: St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, PO Box 339, New Milford, NJ 07646. Thank you!

Pastor Iovine's New Address & Info

This week, Pastor Iovine moved out of our parsonage on Grand Street and is now living in the parsonage at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Garfield. Pastor's new address is:

100 Spring Street

Garfield, NJ 07026

Pastor Iovine's contact information remains the same.




Now that Pastor is now not living right next door to the church, he wants to assure all members of St. Matthew's that he will be in New Milford Tuesday through Friday during the day (and sometimes at night for worship and meetings). Of course, he will be here on Saturday and Sunday to lead worship and make-up Confirmation Classes. So, even though he will not be "right next door," Pastor Iovine will be here in New Milford a lot during the week.

On the church website starting this week, Pastor will begin updating the church calendar with this in-church schedule. This is the best way to find out when Pastor will be in the church during Tuesday through Friday.

Pastor's day off in the week is Monday.

Current Communion Education Class

Show support to our current Communion Education class, members of whom will be serving as acolytes in our Saturday and Sunday services. Our current class has passed the first stage and are now taking communion. This year is a more in-depth apprenticeship including Acolyting, Education classwork, and community projects. For more information, see Pastor Iovine.

We will be holding classes on Tuesday and Saturdays at 4pm at St. Matthew's.

Readers in Church

On the table in the back of the church, you will find copies of the readings for January. If you would like to sign up to be lector (reader) of our Old Testament and Epistle readings in church, pick a reading and sign up on the Readers List. Thank you for considering to make our worship services special and inclusive!

Food Pantry - Needs Update

As we prepare for the fall, we are looking at the shelves of our Food Pantry and notice that we are in need of certain items.

  • Cleaning products
  • Paper products - tissues, toilet paper and Bounty products
  • All kinds of rice - white, brown
  • Mustard
  • Mayonnaise
  • Canned or prepackaged vegetables
  • Canned or prepackaged fruit
  • Pasta and spaghetti
  • Broth - vegetable, chicken, beef

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!

You can bring your donation to church and place it in the plastic bins in the back of the church. Thank you for considering helping out!

Wednesday Worship

Wednesday worship will be cancelled until Lent.

Thursday Bible Study

Join us for our Thursday bible study beginning at noon this coming Thursday in the Upper Classroom at 225 Center Street. All are welcome!

Saturday Worship

If you cannot make our Sunday morning worship service, please try and attend our Saturday afternoon worship service beginning each Saturday at 5:00 PM in the church sanctuary. Show support to our current Communion Education class, members of whom will be serving as acolytes.

Weekly Church Calendar

Donate and Support the Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center

Our friends at the Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center are always looking for support. You can bring donations of diapers, baby wipes, and formula to church and we will bring them to their local Hackensack office. But if you want to make a financial donation, please go to the Lighthouse's Donation page. Your donations are tax deductible.